*Oct 15th* Hannah Arendt Reading Group

Posted on October 10, 2011

Project Goleb Presents:

Hannah Arendt’s

The Crisis in Culture: Its Social and Its Political Significance

Saturday October 15th – 12:00 PM

Session # 2: please note, no advance preparation or previous attendance necessary.

Hosted with an introductory talk “Hannah Arendt in Dark Times” by Jeremiah Day.

Following the September launch and first reading session, Goleb is pleased to host a second reading group of the ongoing series Hannah Arendt’s The Crisis in Culture: Its Social and Its Political Significance.  The session is open to the public with no prior attendance or preparation necessary. As in the first session, the text will be read aloud, pausing (frequently) for discussion, clarification, and argumentation.  Coffee and pastries will be served and copies of the text will be available in both Dutch and in English.

With Goleb’s own practice and the surrounding neighborhood as a backdrop, we will address such questions as – is culture only a realm of “polite talk”?  How does the avant-garde ambition to break with the past relate to consumerism’s need for “freshness and novelty”?  And how can “taste” be considered a political faculty?

The work of the German-American political theorist Hannah Arendt is widely acknowledged in contemporary social and political debates, yet her unique understanding of the inter-relationship between cultural practice and the polis has been largely overlooked. “The Crisis in Culture: Its Social and Its Political Significance” published in 1961, was Arendt’s contribution to the debates of her time concerning avant-garde and kitsch, high and low culture. This fiftieth anniversary serves as an occasion to take up this text, explicate and elaborate upon it, bringing Arendt’s ideas into dialogue with the questions faced in contemporary thinking on art and politics.

The series will continue on November 5th with a daylong session: morning reading session, group lunch, and afternoon symposium with guest presentations on the practice of art and public life.

For more information contact golebreadinggroup@hotmail.com

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Hosted by Taf Hassam and Igor Sevcuk, GOLEB.

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