**New Artist in Residence** Maria Guggenbichler

Posted on January 11, 2012

Maria Guggenbichler was born in Munich, Bavaria. She studied both a degree in Performance Research at Gießen Universität, Germany, and graduated in Fine Art’s at Dartington in England. Since 2010, Guggenbichler has been curator for Extrapool in Nijmegen, The Netherlands; from which she has organized various art and music events, including a series of artist book residencies (Work Holidays / Art Prison) through its attached stencil print and bookmaking workshop.

Guggenbichler’s work frequently blurs what might commonly be considered an artistic, “facilitating”, and/or curatorial practice and openly runs against the ‘lonesome’ or ‘private’ ideals of art, believing in collaboration and dialogue, aimed at opening the artist’s studio.

Her work has been described as a practice “interested in creating spaces and situations that allow for the human, (charming) helplessness and (wilful) ridiculousness to take place.”

An on-going collaboration of Guggenbichler’s is with the German artist Rosalie Schweiker. Together they ran the gallery of Educated Elite & Wealth out of their own private flat in Gießen, Germany, which showcased retrospectives of Felix Gonzales-Torres and Helge Schneider, produced the street art poster campaign These Women Have Something To Offer (2008-2011), and, most recently they ran Atelier Unpopulär/Unpopular Workshop, out of an artist in residency at Lothringer13_laden, Munich, 2011.

Since 2009, Maria Guggenbichler has also been a regular host for The Take Away Tape, a radio show for experimental electronics on the English community radio station Soundart Radio 102.5 fm.


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