*New Resident Researcher* Roel Griffioen

Posted on March 21, 2012

Roel Griffioen (NL) is a journalist and architecture historian. He is an editor for both Kunstlicht, a Dutch journal for visual art, visual culture and architecture, and AWM, a leading Dutch architecture magazine. Frequently publishing as both a journalist and researcher Griffioen’s main topic of research is on transparency and the post-war city in the Netherlands.

Recent publications include: ‘Shaping the City of Tomorrow’, with Lisa Goudsmit, XOXO The Mag; ‘From Glass to One-Way Glass. Shifting Meanings of Transparency, Openness and Privacy in Architecture’, Open (2011) 22, pp. 130-143 (English edition); ‘Imaging Purity. The rhetoric of the photographic image in Le Corbusier’s Vers une Architecture’, Kunstlicht 32 (2011) 3, pp. 12-23; ‘Het glazen huis. Privacy en openbaarheid in de vroegnaoorlogse stad’, Kunstlicht 32 (2011) 1/2, pp. 64-75; ‘Fuck the System’, Kunstlicht 32 (2011) 4 (essay on the epistemological structures that man builds in order to understand the world).

A recent project of Griffioen’s has been the incidental newspaper ‘WEST’, covering events, critical reflections, and facts about the neighbourhood of Amsterdam-Nieuw-West. During his residency at Goleb and working alongside residents Taf Hassam and Kaja Wie van der Pas, Griffioen will begin developing a brief socio-political history of the neighbourhood. The project aims to develop A Goleb Guide book, tracing the original ideologies of transparency that were crystalized in the architecture and urban design of the neighbourhood in comparison to the transformation that Nieuw-West is currently undergoing; from the ‘open city’ to the ‘city of security.’ The guidebook will later be freely available for the future residents and guests of Goleb.


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