**New Artist(s) in Residence** The Foreign Legion

Posted on April 14, 2012

The Foreign Legion are a creative group made up of designers, architects, event managers, artists, musicians, and dancers (to name but a few), who offer their services for free, with the simple idea and desire to make the world “a better and more beautiful place.” Taking their name for the reason that “anyone can join”, and rather than seeing their approach as naïve, the group’s main aim is to free creativity from the restraints of commercial and economic factors by actively searching out creatives and would-be-clients who share the group’s core values.

“Our idea is for no property. It should be accessible and free for everybody. If you give an idea freely you will always enable it to develop. To realize this accessibility of information we make sure that every project is free to download with all necessary files to rebuild or sample.

Use it as it is or make it better.

The Foreign Legion are involved in all creative fields. We consist of designers, architects, event managers, artists, musicians, dancers and more. We want to help you with your idea but we also would like you to become a part of us.  You can join by exchanging, ideas, materials or even contributing with your own workmanship. But you can also ask us for help.

Every project we do – we do it for free.

Need help? Call the Foreign Legion!

There is no project we won’t put all our skills, passion and time into.

Today can be better than yesterday and there is always a possibility for change. Yes we are dreamers and yes we believe that the world is great, but that just makes it worth fighting for.”

–       From a statement by The Foreign Legion (2012)





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