*19th May* Maquis by Jeremiah Day

Posted on May 15, 2012

Project Goleb & The Crisis in Culture 50th Anniversary


By Jeremiah Day

“This war will drag on beyond any platonic armistice.” – Rene Char

Maquis, a slide-show performance, was made in 2004 to contribute to the dialogue around the European Constitution and the 2004 Dutch Presidency of the European Union.  Originally presented at an Amsterdam squat to serve as the basis for a public discussion, the work draws heavily upon the work of Hannah Arendt.

Given the ongoing conflicts about the nature of the European project, and particular Geert Wilders’ assertion that the upcoming Dutch elections should be “about one thing: Europe,” this presentation serves not only to conclude the Arendt Crisis in Culture event, but to bring the theoretical discussions into contact with practical ones.

Goleb, Burg De Vlugtlaan 125

Performance: 20h00

For more information see: Hannah Arendt’s Crisis in Culture 50th Anniversary: Reflections, Implications, Speculations

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