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Posted on November 9, 2012

Hundebiss Records Night

An after-event for INexactly THIS: Festival of Independents

Thursday 29th November

20h30 – Late

Goleb, Burg. De Vlugtlaan 125

Entrance €4


Schedelvreter (Das Ding aka Danny Bosten)

We are proud to announce this will be the first-ever live performance of this 1985 minimal wave masterpiece. Active in the early 1980s releasing music via his own cassette label Tear Apart Tapes (NL) Bosten became widely known for his music as Das Ding. He has since been described as the ‘pinnacle of Minimal Wave.’ In 1985, he released Hunker as part of his side project Schedelvreter on Tear Apart Tapes, and as only a few copies were made at the time the album slipped from view until 2007 when it reappeared on the exhaustive blog No Longer Forgotten Music. It was then picked up by the New York based Minimal Wave Records and in 2012 it was re-released as a limited edition.



Dracula Lewis (Hundebiss Records)

Solo project of Hundebiss Records founder Simone Trabucchi. Despite a wealth of art and music projects under his wing, the Transylvanian-born producer remains something of a mystery online. The last few years have been spent working on his own label Hundebiss Records, turning out exquisitely crafted limited edition origami-packaged records featuring the music of such talents as James Ferraro, Hype Williams, Hair Police, Sewn Leather, Jaws and more. Whatever the words used to describe Dracula Lewis, there’s a dark hypnotic allure to the distorted electronics, samples, chants & loops. And it is this that has earned him the accolade of being Souterrain Transmissions’ first European signing.

Laser Poodle (DK/DE)

Laser Poodle consists of Jonathan Mikkelsen and Johann Kauth (Hallo Gallo). Laser Poodle is one of the great legacies of the recently disbanded experimental music platform Hallo Gallo. Mikkelsen who was also actively engaged in the platform frequently performed under a series of solo acts until 2010 when the duo partnered up to form Laser Poodle. They then embarked on a full US tour and returned in 2011 to perform one of the most mind-blowing concerts of the year at the OCCII music venue in Amsterdam. They have since continued to play and tour Europe, and it is with great pleasure that we welcome them back to Amsterdam to play a long anticipated gig at Goleb.


Orphan Fairytale (BE)

Orphan Fairytale is the solo project for experimental musician Eva van Deuren based in Antwerp, Belgium. Van Deuren is a founding member of several groups including Frozen Corpse and Hardline Elephants, both with Carlo Steegen of Audiobot fame. Orphan Fairytale emerged from the Belgian underground with her 2005 debut album Problems In Paradise. The performance at Goleb will feature music from her new LP Comets Come Alive recently released by the UK label Blackest Rainbow.


Moemlien (DE/BE)

Moemlien is the solo project of Hannah Giese, who is also one of the founders of the experimental music platform Hallo Gallo. Her solo work explores field recordings, melodic sequences, and the many sides of the cassette tape as a medium for the capturing and manipulation of sounds. Giese has toured widely in Europe and the United States and has played under the name of numerous incarnations, including the free music group Cotopaxi (with Fyoelk) and the Amsterdam based Little Birth. As one of the pillars of the Amsterdam independent music scene, it is with great warmth and affection that we welcome her back.


+ DJs Kristy Foom (Modern Witch) + Mr Grape + Visuals from Margarita O

Hundebiss Records is an experimental music label based in Vernasca, Italy, currently featuring artists such as James Ferraro, Jaws, Hype Williams, Sewn Leather, Dracula Lewis, Stargate, Aaron Dilloway, Èlg, Lil Ugly Mane, Angels Usa, Fantamatres, Mudboy, Popol Gluant, Hair Police.


INexactly THIS, the 2012 edition of Kunstvlaai: Festival of Independents brings together some of the most significant and unique models of artist-­‐run spaces, self-­‐organized platforms as well as art schools from across The Netherlands and abroad. For over a decade, the festival has supported and propelled independent thinking as well as collaborative processes in the Dutch cultural scene. It continues to be a hosting platform for diverse structural positions and organizational attitudes that celebrate speculation, buoyancy, generous openness and mutual inspiration. Now framed as ‘Festival of Independents’, Kunstvlaai remains committed to showcasing a multitude of contemporary voices.

INexactly THIS is curated by Natasha Ginwala and Fleur van Muiswinkel and will take place from 23rd November to 2nd December 2012 at a new location: the Sint Nicolaas Lyceum complex at the Amsterdam Zuidas.


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