*23rd November–2nd December* Kirby’s song and/or… @ INexactlyTHIS

Posted on November 26, 2012


INexactly THIS: Festival of Independents – room: B2 -14

Kirby’s song and/or…

23rd November – 2nd December
Open every day 12pm–9pm (except the 26th & 27th Nov – closed; the 28th & 29th Nov: 3 pm–9 pm)

Prinses Irenestraat 21,
1077 WT Amsterdam



For the Festival of Independents / INexactlyTHIS, Project Goleb has invited its very first artist-in-residence, Kirby Mages. The script that was read in her performance at Goleb is now reactivated in a form of sound installation.

The following is Kirby’s description of the actual performance that resonates with the intent of Project Goleb:

and/or next beep beep was originally performed in the Goleb artist-in-residence studio — a live/work space where I resided for three months. As a form of “open studio,” the decision was made to invite an audience into this intimate space of production to expose the closely related practices of performance and everyday life. The text, read aloud while moving through the space, was representative of the day-to-day processing of what I consider to be my “daily residuals.” A veritable cut-up of partial poems, unfinished beginnings, snippets of conversations, overheard fragments, fever dreams and meditations, unsent letters, bookmarks, etc. 

The performance allowed others into this vulnerable state of becoming and welcomed them into the physical space in which this occurs. Aligned with contemporary life, the studio can be wrought with feelings of alienation and isolation but ultimately it exists for these crucial moments of sharing and witnessing the development of one’s own personal, political, poetic voice in space. 


Besides Kirby Mages’s work, Goleb also presents:

A collection of clips and video works are on display in a home-video corner. The selected works have been involved, discussed and thought about during development of Goleb’s presentation. Visitors can freely choose the work they would like to view.

During the festival Laura Wiedijk will develop a visual archive that simultaneously echoes all the activities of Goleb over 8 days of INexactlyTHIS.

All the publications on display are contributed by past and current residents of Goleb. Among them, two were made at Goleb: Street by Street Block by Block by Roel Griffioen and Taf Hassam; and The Fourfold Matrix of Contemporary Social Movements by Brian Holmes.

Further, in the space an object is placed that moves between the form of display, furniture and sculpture during the festival and various events that takes place. All interventions are coordinated by ‘curators’ of the room: Kaja Wie van der Pas, Laura Wiedijk and Igor Sevcuk.


Do also check Goleb’s video and sound documentation of screenings, performances, workshop and concert developed for INexactlyTHIS.


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