*11th April* De Aardappeleters – The Potato Eaters, by Leone Contini

Posted on March 30, 2013

De Aardappeleters – The Potato Eaters

A convivial action of tuber-cooking, tuber-lecturing and tuber-eating by  Leone Contini



 Thursday 11th April

from 6pm – Free entrance


A very rich bio-diversity is today compressed into the narrow space of the contemporary European city, the landing point of the migration routes. Here we can find potatoes and tubers of many forms and origins; Roots indeed, and cultural belongings, daily claimed by the immigrant communities in their culinary practices, as domestic rituals of reconnection with their origins.

The contemporary Potato Eaters are not anymore part of a single and homogeneous religious/linguistic community as it was in the anthropological landscape depicted by Van Gogh. De Aardappeleters, icon of Dutchness, would be re-declined through a convivial action of tuber-cooking, tuber-lecturing and tuber-eating. Even the traditional Dutch potatoes should have, at some point in the past, slipped from the realm of otherness (as a foreign, American product) to the realm of familiarity.

Let it happen again with yucca, cassava, yum, yam, inhame, khamalu, tarul, taro etc.

LEONE CONTINI, Firenze, Italy. 1976.

“My practice is mainly referred to intercultural frictions, conflict and power relations, displacement, migration and Diasporas.

Coming from an anthropological background, my mediums often include performing lectures, ethnographic narratives and interventions in public space.
In methodological terms my research borrows the tools of contemporary anthropology in order to short-circuiting spheres of common feelings and significance.

Among recent topics: the subsistence agriculture of chinese immigrant in Tuscany; the conflictual heritage on the Italian/Slovenian border; displacement, migration and food in the suburbs of Milan; body-care practices among immigrants in the former Jewish Ghetto of Genova; immigrant enterprises in the working class neighbourhood of Poble Sec, Barcellona.”


This Goleb event is as a part of activities at De Vlugt gebouw supported by stichting Urban Resort.



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