*17th July* Nick Laessing presents water-fuelled car + other stuff

Posted on July 12, 2013

a water-fuelled car…


17th July – open studio: 7.30 pm @ Goleb


In January 2013, together with with Jimmy Whitmore, an engineer from the UK, Nick Laessing attempted to adapt a 1998 VW Golf car to run on water and to drive it from his Goleb studio in Amsterdam to Geneva.

Before saying goodbye and leaving to his Berlin studio Nick Laessing will present current research and experiments developed during his stay at Goleb and together with members of the ADM live/work community.


It is a presentation of recent investigations into the potential of water. Water gas, made through the process of electrolysis was first discovered in the 19th Century but more recently has attracted the attention of backyard experimenters searching for a pollution free fuel. Many apocryphal stories surround this gas, such as claims that it was used in the first decades of the 20th century and during the Second World War during fuel shortages. In the 1990’s the inventor Stanley Meyer claimed to have run a car on water.


Supported by: Urban Resort, ADM live/work community, Cai van Hoboken & Hay Schoolmeesters

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