*27 June* Love Revolution

Posted on June 18, 2014

Love Revolution

Friday 27 June 2014

Goleb, Burg, De Vlugtlaan 125

Doors: 22h00

Entrance: donation! (Proceeds donated to Stichting de Volksbond, see details below)

Facebook Invitation

On Friday 27 June, Goleb will host the first edition of the Love Revolution, a new collaboration between the Love Foundation and the Amsterdam-based electronic music platform RеволуциЯ [Revolutziya].

V: ‘Would you… dance with me?’
EV: ‘Now? On the eve of your revolution?’
V: ‘A revolution without dancing is a revolution not worth having!’

Welcome to the Love Revolution!

With Live Sets by:




The Mountain


Bring your T-shirts for a free Love-Logo screenprint.

50% of all proceeds will be donated to Stichting de Volksbond.



The Love Foundation is an open network of students, activists and artists that through its different ‘hubs’ in towns and cities across the world, collectively generate money for a variety of charity organisations. The group achieves this by selling their own Fairtrade Merchandise and organising various activities, from art exhibitions to electronic music events. Their goal is simple, to spread the universal idea of love. If you want to get involved or start your own Love Hub, contact the Love Foundation!


RеволуциЯ [Revolutziya] ‘Serious beats for serious causes’ is an organisation and way of life. The group organises parties to ‘exact musical remedies’ aimed at generating awareness for local issues whilst also raising funds for different charities. ‘We may be dreamers but we are not the only ones. We are the creators of our own dreams and those who believe in us will not just be welcomed, but aided in fulfilling their dreams too. Our dream is to create events that will be socially beneficial and deeply personal, because trying to help others and trying to change the world through music is almost as good as sex. Our goal is happiness, for us and everyone else around.’

Facebook: RеволуциЯ

Stichting de Volksbond is a charitable initiative that seeks to strengthen the position of (former) homeless and other socially vulnerable groups in society by consulting with clients and making them an integral part of the decision-making process at the initiative. They offer services including living quarters and health care. Its Day Care Project is a unique coffee house providing a social gathering place for the homeless who assume paid positions for running the cafe as well as an on-site secondhand clothing store. The project employs 155 people along with an increasing number of volunteers. For a small fee, the Volksbond delivers groceries, repairs bikes, serves simple meals and more. Subsidies for this project have now been cancelled. With your support the Volksbond aims to become financially autonomous.

For further information see:

Love Foundation Logo









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