**New Artists in Residence** Laser Poodle: Johann Kauth & Jonathan Mikkelsen

Posted on June 18, 2014


Laser Poodle is Germany-born Johann Kauth, currently based in Antwerp, and Denmark-born Jonathan Mikkelsen, currently based in Amsterdam. Both received a Bachelor in Fine Arts from the Gerrit Rietveld Academie in Amsterdam, Kauth from the Graphic Design department in 2010, and Mikkelsen from VAV: the Department of the Moving Image, in 2011.

Together Kauth and Mikkelsen are the free-form acid house rave beat punk pair Laser Poodle. The duo have toured widely both in Europe and the US, and after playing numerous shows at Goleb, they are returning to us to build a music studio to record their long-awaited debut LP. Release details to follow.


In 2004, Johann Kauth together with Hannah Giese co-founded the experimental music platform Hallo Gallo. Active until 2012, the pair organised concerts in various alternative spaces such as abandoned houses, churches, schools, and venues as OCCII and Goleb. Kauth has since continued to work as a designer, pumping out designs for various underground events, labels and bands such as Rush Hour’s No Label and Antwerp’s Orphan Fairytale. He also co-runs the independent label Stenze Quo, releasing intimate tape recordings with an array of independent music producers.


Based in Amsterdam since 2007, Jonathan Mikkelsen works as a multimedia artist, creating installations, websites and animations. He has exhibited widely, usually in alternative spaces including the highly missed Amsterdam independent artist run space Outpost–evicted in 2013–whilst also frequently touring Europe with his independent solo music project, Sleek Mink. Mikkelsen also produces music videos, most recently for Ren Schofield’s solo project Container and his single ‘Dripping’.









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