**New Researchers in Residence** Maurizio Buquicchio & Britt Patterson

Posted on August 19, 2014



Maurizio Buquicchio (Italy, 1981) obtained a Phd in Film History from the Visual Arts department of the University of Pisa with a research concerning the relationship between Bauhaus and film in the period 1919 – 1933.  His activity as a researcher and curator is focused on the contamination between film and the other arts. He writes for Cinergie, cinema and the other arts and other publications, worked as Chief Curator and Head of Content for the media platform ikono tv in Berlin and as assistant for the filmmaker Jean-Marie Straub and the video artist Reynold Reynolds.



Britt Patterson (United States, 1987) studied West African art and symbolism as an undergraduate before moving to Berlin, Germany in 2010. In Germany she spent two years as an artist assistant for a goldsmith and casting studio while taking on side-projects organizing group photography exhibitions in neighborhood art spaces and gallery squats. In 2012 she joined an online media platform dedicated to the arts, ikono tv ltd., where she managed broadcasting schedules and took part in organizing a one-month on-air video art festival. She has recently worked as an intern for Kino International Kunst in establishing a new, monthly exhibition series of Berlin artists in a historical GDR cinema. In September she will begin a Masters program in film preservation and heritage studies at the University of Amsterdam.





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