*19 March* Mothers in Arts & Aurora Rosales: Lecture Lunch

Posted on March 15, 2017



We are happy to invite you to the first event of Mothers in Arts – mothers friendly artist residency initiated by Csilla Klenyanszki & hosted @ Goleb’s studios and PS:

Aurora Rosales  : :  L E C T U R E    L U N C H  : :  Sunday 19 March 

Lectures & performances from 11am

Emmeline de Mooij : The taboo on motherhood in the art world
Laura Visco : Representation of women in advertising
Richtje Reinsma : Mère à boire
Eva Visser Plaza : Reviving the female energy in the western society

Film screening from 2pm

Irene Lusztig : The Motherhood Archives (2013, 91 min.) / a homage to 70s feminist filmmaking, archival montage, SF, and essay film excavating hidden histories of motherhood
followed by a talk with Deirdre M. Donoghue + Q&A

* * * *

In the context of the residency Mothers in Arts, the project of the artist Aurora Rosales consists partly of a series of lunch-lectures where she invites women from different backgrounds and disciplines to talk about the contemporary challenges womanhood faces.

During the talks a vegan lunch will be shared with the idea to reinforce the sense of community, promote the exchange of knowledge and the strengthening of networks and solidarity.

In a subsequent phase Aurora will make a video from the lectures and works related to them. The pieces will be displayed in the final exhibition of the residency.

* * *

This event is baby / children / partners friendly. There will be a playground and a quiet room with a changing table next to the space; partners are invited to take care of the children.

* *

Reservation is required!

Please confirm your attendance no later than the 16th of March by sending an e-mail to events@mothersinarts.com

Please let us know whether you are planning to attend the whole programme including the vegan lunch or just a part of the day, and whether you are coming alone, with a companion or with children. .

The lunch, tea and coffee are free of charge. (donation of €2 is kindly suggested for the lunch)



11:00 – Welcome Speach
11:30 – Eva Visser Plaza “Reviving the female energy in the western society”
12:00 – LUNCH
12:30 – Richtje Reinsma “Mère à boire”
13:00 – Emmeline de Mooij “The taboo on motherhood in the art world”
13:30 – PAUSE
14:00 – The Motherhood Archives by Irene Lusztig – Screening
15:35 – Discussion between Lusztig and Deirdre M. Donoghue
16:00 – Laura Visco “Representation of women in advertising”

* * * * * * *

Lecture Lunch’s Facebook

More information about Aurora’s work

Mothers in Arts website

The trailer of The Motherhood Archives

To read more about the movie visit m/others voices

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*  *  *

Mothers in Arts is a small initiative founded by Csilla Klenyanszki. Mothers in Arts supports women artists who are also mothers and shines a light on the mother-shaped blindspot within the art world.

It puts forward a discussion about a problem that affects many young artist women when they become parents. Even though many artists have children, parenthood – specially motherhood – remains stigmatized in the art world. Therefore, besides the physical and mental challenges of childbearing an added feeling of isolation can be felt by many mothers.

We believe that women have to remain part of the art community after they’ve become mothers. Mothers in Arts is a platform for artists and through an artists in residency we want to stimulate young women artists with children.

Being a mother is not a stigma; motherhood can accompany a successful artistic practice.

*  *

Mothers in Arts Residency (MA Residency) is a studio space combined with a communal day care. The Residency is specialized in supporting emerging women artists, who are also mothers. Mothers in Arts is free of charge; the artists agree on take turns to work and look after each others children around an organized work schedule.













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