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Goleb* is an artists-led space located on the second floor of De Vlugt – the former school building in Amsterdam New-West. As a space that mixes both daily existence and studio practices, we consciously blur the boundaries between the personal and the outside world. Through exchange and dialogue among art colleagues, friends and guest residents, we produce a variety of interconnected common grounds.

The project invites guests: individual artists, theoreticians, and curators, to join for periods of up to 3 months to engage with the space and to further develop their own work. A few artist’s studios are regularly made available for the realization of various public and semi-public projects and events, such as performances, screenings, workshops, artist talks and lectures.


organization & programming:   in principle everyone present at Goleb

contact:    project.goleb@gmail.com

how to get here



* Goleb   =   a city bird rediscovered in the Northern Europe and renamed by the new immigrants


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