Current Guest Resident(s)

The new resident at our guest studio: Gahee PARK

Gahee PARK is a curator based in Seoul and currently at De Appel as Curatorial Research Fellow. Regarding exhibition as a medium, her interest lies in the performative aspect of the curatorial in which the event of knowledge can occur. Recently, as a curatorial practice, she is trying to see the possibilities of multiple art histories through researching and contextualising the past exhibitions.

After an internship at Arko Art Center, she worked as Curator at Seoul Museum of Art between 2013 and 2017. Last year, she joined the Busan Biennale 2018 as Guest Curator. She also translatedSelf-organised – Open Editions: London, 2013 – into Korean together with her colleagues Hyo JEON and Eunbi JO.

Stephan Blumenschein @ Goleb’s studio.

In his artisti cresearch Stephan Blumenschein addresses practices in and around the exhibition space and exhibition making with a special focus on the architectural conditions, the organisation of time and the visibilty produced and demanded by the exhibition space. Using tools such as protocols, instructions, promises or timetables he proposes “the aesthetic encounter” as an emboddied dramaturgy and shared experience.